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My name is Jasper F. Lok, I'm a Dutch designer, and someone with a lot of interests. On this site you'll find anything that has something to do with me. I hope I can assist you with anything, just contact me.


With my basics in design. I have a big intrenst in the psycologie of color's and shapes.


Sinds the start of my school time I'm interested in writing. including short story's, screenplays and hope to publish my first book soon.


I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, with a starting knowlage of PHP.


Although I never wanted to drive in the beginning, I'm now in love with it. Driving cars (on and off road), Quad's and Trailers.


With a love for nature and the outdoor, I really like to take a hike or walk trough the forest. Also working in Offroad driving for 4x4 and Quad.


I am a certified dog trainer, and have worked with multiple dogs and owners.


My study was in the field of Movies and I made my job out of it working on moviesets of Dutch and American films.


With a passion for photography I prefer to take shots of nature and animals. On my portfolio site LockedImage.nl you can check out my pictures.


Besides listening to music am I also a music preformer, including drums and guitar.

Locked Image

Op deze site vind je mijn complete fotografie portfolio en de websites die ik heb gemaakt.


Sinds het einde van 2020 ben ik begonnen met posten op TikTok en heb ondertussen meer dan 2000 volgers opgebouwd.

Basecamp Productions

Voor ongeveer 7 jaar ben ik werkzaam in de film industrie waarbij ik veel gewerkt heb voor Basecamp.

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